C.A.P.TA. Fall Piano Recital

November 12, 2006, 3:30 pm

1. Amanda Tomasko

A Short Story

By: Lichner

2. Bill Pashby

Little Playmates

By: Chwatel

3. Atlaena Kuang

Lightly Row

By: Faber

4. Ivy Liu

Sonatina Op. 57, #1

By: A. Biehl

5. Aribah Shah

Mi Bells

By: Gillock

6. Griffin Moyer

Don’t You Leave Blues

By: Mier

7. Alexander Nordquis

Tropical Fish

By: Faber

8. Katie Lacy


By: Mier

9. Alex Williams

In A minor

By: Chopin

10. Harish Prasad

Minuet in G

By: Bach

11. Emily Tomasko

Minuet #2 from Anna Magdalena Notebook

By: Bach

12. Geoffrey Oyler

German Dance in G Major, “Allegretto”

By: Haydan

13. Evan Fisher

Square Dance Tune

By: Bastien

14. Candie Wang

Soft Shoe Rag

By: Bennett

15. Julie Gong

Fantasia in E Minor


16. Katherine Womack

Make It Snappy

By: Glover

17. Allen Ray

Crystal Falls

By: Vandall

18. Maria Jahja


By: G. Kiopres

19. Christian James

Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, #1

By: Clementi

20. Shravan Prasad


By: Schumann

21. Belinda Li

Gypsy Camp

By: Bennett

22. Hope Lee

Sonatina in G Major

By: Gillock

23. Helen Qu


Allegro Festivo

24. Paulina Jahja

Valse Brillante

By: Chopin

Teachers: Christine Albro, Zina Astrakhan, Maya Baum, Rock Crawford, Janelle Guthrie, Lee Harris, Susan Tingley,

C.A.P.T.A would like to express our appreciation to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for graciously hosting our recital, and also our generous supporters and patrons: Ruggero Piano, Burt Music, Burrage Music, Hooper Piano, and Music and Arts Center