C.A.P.TA. Fall Piano Recital

November 12, 2006, 2:00 pm

1. Andrew Billheimer


By: ?????

2. Raymond Ching

Bagatelle in “G”

By: Faber

3. Jennifer Wang

Fuzzy Wuzzy Worm

By: M. Mier

4. Marie Rogers

Grasshopper Boogie

By: Glover

5. Amanda Li

A Little Piece

By: R. Schumann

6. Jason Thompson

Little Gray Owl

By: M. Mier

7. Diana Dayal

Contradance in G Major

By: Mozart

8. Dylan Dekker

Private Eye.

By: K. Holmes

9. Siddharth Gollarahalli

.Butterfly World

By: Alfred

10. Siddharth Gollarahalli
Duet with Joyce Herr

My Moonbeam

By: Alfred

11. Evan Greer

Pumpkin Pie Parade

By: J. Bastien

12. Alice Want

Menuet en Rondeau

By: Rameau

13. Laura Roberson

Tumbling Clowns

By: B. Frost

14. Olivia Oakley

Graceful Waltz

By: R. Vandall

15. Caitlin Sands

Prelude from Suite #5.

By: Purcell

16. Ian Vollrath-Smith

The Lone Piano Blues.

By: S. Garcia

17. Maxine Eng

Waltz op. 39, #2

By: Brahms

18. Maneesh Jeyakumar

Ride of the Masked Bandito

By: W. Noona

19. Krishna Pokuri

The Day is Done

By: Kelsey

20. Raven Misra

Guitars of Seville.

By: W. Noona

21. Isabelle Tamburro

First Winter’s Snow

By: Martin Cuellar

22. Maria Arulraja

Medieval Fair

By: Faber

23. Dasha Radford

Purring Tune from Duets for Cat Lovers

By: M. Goldston

24. Kelcie ?

The Sea

By: Amanda Letcho

25. Anna Roberson

Tocacata Spirito

By: D. Alexander

26. Victoria Walker


By: A. Pieczonka

27. Katelyn Billheimer


By: Grieg

28. Jordan Monk

Always You.

By: D. Alexander

29. Devon Karst

Day Dreams

By: Randal Hartsell

30. Rashmi Iyer

Variations on a Minor Theme

By: David Glover

31. Raymond Ching
Duet with Joyce Herr

Sonatina, Op. 163 “Pleasures of Youth” 1st mvt

By: Diabelli

32. Rebekah Billheimer

Nocturne in E minor, op. #12.

By: Chopin

Teachers: Julie Billheimer, Bob Knott, Mary Knott, Olga Jaynes,Dean Leviner,Betty McElrath, Michele Pechacek, Dora Naylor, Diane Rogers, Clarissa Wagstaff

C.A.P.T.A would like to express our appreciation to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for graciously hosting our recital, and also our generous supporters and patrons: Ruggero Piano, Burt Music, Burrage Music, Hooper Piano, and Music and Arts Center